Cleaning your Small Garages

Posted by Jaymie Arthur on 7 January 2014

A clean garage is a sparkling garage, and will help you keep your steel structure in the best condition for as long as possible. It really doesn't take much to maintain your steel building, and by simply making part of your routine, you will have a sparkling garage for many years to come.

First things first! Once you have completed the construction on your steel garage, use a soft bristle brush to remove any dirt, dust or debris. Then use a light solution and rinse thoroughly. You see dust, dirt and debris can really scratch and damage your steel building, furthermore, a build up of dust and condensation can cause corrosion – prevent it now before the damage is done.

If you continue to clean your shed on a regular basis, then you will reduce the effects that chemicals, fertilisers and dust can all have on your building. Simply hose down your garage as you are watering your garden, or washing your car … applying a similar practice to the initial wash. Make sure that you rinse thoroughly as you don’t want any residue left on your building.

Garages that are located near coastal and country areas need extra attention, so make sure that you give your steel building the tender loving care that it needs today, and reap the rewards in the future.