Determining the Wind Speed for your Garage

Posted by Sheds n Homes Mid North Coast on 14 November 2014


An important aspect for your new steel garage is to accurately determine the wind speed for your region, so that we can engineer your building according.

Put in a nutshell, the wind speed is basically the air moving from high to low pressure, and this pressure may have a detrimental impact on your shed if your shed has not been engineered appropriately for your site. By determining the wind speed for our region, we are better equipped to supply a shed that will withstand what the climate in your area gives out.

There are a few factors that that we look into at this stage, in order to get the most accurate details. They include:

Regional Wind Speed

There are 4 main variables that are taken into account when determining the wind classification for the site of your shed, they are:

  1. Terrain Category
  2. Region
  3. Shielding Factor; and
  4. Topographic Classification.

Terrain Category

The terrain category is broken up into 5 main categories, and it looks at how the terrain flows and how it impacts on your building. Category 1 indicates a terrain with little to no obstruction and terrain category 3 identifies a terrain with a multiple obstructions – such as suburbia.

Topographic Factor (1 = lowest value)

When determine the topographic factor, we look at how the wind is affected by hills and escarpments; we do this by assessing the slope, direction and altitude of the site.

Shielding Factor (1 = highest value)

The shielding factor is determined by structures such as trees and houses of similar size that shield your steel building from wind. There are a total of three shielding factors, from full shielding, partial to no shielding.

Customers of Sheds n Homes Mid North Coast can be rest assured that our steel garages are not pre-manufactured, instead each of them are individually screened and designed in order to comply with your sites building regulations, and to ensure you are investing in a safe and sturdy steel garage for your environment.