Key Dimensions for your Shed

Posted by Sheds n Homes Mid North Coast on 21 July 2014

If you have saved to purchase a steel building, then you want to make sure you get a building that will suit you for many years to come. It is really important for you to get your dimensions right, as it will be too late once your new steel garage or shed has been erected.

Below is a list of measurements that we need you to supply to us, in order for us to design a garage to suit your needs.

Length: The length of your shed is space from the back of the shed to the front.

Height: The height of your shed is the distance from the ground to the eaves.

Width or Span: This is the space on the Gable Wall, and you will find this at the front of your shed – where the pitch is.

Bays: Think of a double garage. The bay is each garage. It is the measurement between the columns. 

Roller Doors: We will be able to supply you with this measurement – it will differ according to your shed and your needs.

The team at Sheds n Homes Mid North Coast recommend you measure all the larger items that you intend to keep in your shed, and make sure you select a building to fit them in. You will need to take into consideration other aspects of your shed’s design such as roller doors – you might have a shed that can fit your boat in but your roller door may not. Please, make sure you take the time to discuss these measurements with us – and also be certain to check the measurements of your shed on the quote letter.

Sheds n Homes Mid North Coast supply a large range of residential sheds, garages, farm sheds, kit homes and industrial buildings, and we can modify all of our standard designs to comply with your building specifications (within reason of course).

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