Year Round Riding Arenas

Posted by Jaymie Arthur on 13 August 2013

In New South Wales, there are a number of horse lovers, and that’s why we specialise in a large range of steel riding arenas, so they can enjoy year round riding – regardless of what Mother Nature has in store for them.

We thought that we would explore what makes a good riding arena.

Steel Building Features

Many people opt for three walls, as this offers a great deal of protection from the wind, whilst still offering plenty of access to the great outdoors. Furthermore, any rural steel building should meet with the site’s region’s building codes and regulations. So depending on where you are based, you will need to consider such things as wind, snow and earthquake loadings. Your experienced steel building expert should be able to help you with this information, alternatively, contact your local council or building certifier if you want to get clarification.

The Power of Steel

Steel is an extremely powerful building material. It can sustain a great deal of weight, and is less likely to bow or crack from this support, it is also less likely to be affected by the weather, than your traditional building materials. Steel also takes up much less room than traditional methods, which means that you get more space in your arena for riding.

Steel Arenas are Flexible in Design

All of Sheds n Homes Mid North Coast’s steel riding arenas can be customised to suit your specifications. Basically, we can help you with a fully enclosed arena, or an arena with one, two or three walls.

Made using Quality BlueScope Steel

Sheds n Homes range of steel riding arenas are made utilising Australian BlueScope steel.

As we said, we understand that your horses are important to you, so make sure you buy a quality steel building and contact the professional team at Sheds n Homes Mid North Coast.