Class 1A Liveable Shed with Patio
Liveable Shed with Patio and Horro Corro Sheeting
Liveable Shed with Patio Mid North Coast NSW
5 x 7 Liveable Class 1A Shed
Custome Plywood Lining of Liveable Shed

Class 1A Liveable Shed

This class 1A liveable shed was designed and constructed by our team at Sheds n Homes Mid North Coast. A class 1A building is defined by the Building Code of Australia as a single dwelling being a detached house or one or more attached dwellings.

The 5.0m x 7.0m x 3.0m liveable shed was constructed in our customer’s back yard, creating the perfect escape and granny flat. We submitted and managed council applications, slab works and the build to lock up stage. The customer then completed the insulation, lining and finishing’s before we fitted a patio. The 4.5m x 7.0m Lysaght patio created additional shelter space where the customer can entertain and enjoy the outdoors.

The liveable shed design featured a number of optional extras including windows and glass sliding doors in Classic Cream™. Skylights and roof vents were also included in the design, allowing natural light into the building and ensuring fresh air flow.

Our customer opted for horizontal cladding in COLORBOND® Ironstone®, a colour reflecting mountains, stormy skies and coastal regions. This colour was also selected for the roof in corrugated sheeting. COLORBOND® Monument® was selected for the trims, a slightly darker colour that is modern and strong. The contrast between the darker hues and Classic Cream™ resulted in a modern and attractive finish.

The attached patio design completed the liveable shed, transforming it into a backyard sleep out and retreat. With multiple access points, and well lit space, the liveable shed is comfortable and homely.

If you are considering constructing a liveable shed, or even a steel kit home, contact Sheds n Homes Mid North Coast. We custom design and engineer steel buildings site specific and can create a steel building design that is best suited to your site and requirements. Call our team of experts today on 1800 764 764 or 02 6562 2521. Alternatively, submit an online quote request and we will be in touch with you shortly.