5 Bay Devonport Garage
Devonport Garage in Temagog
Rear View Cottage Green Devonport Garage
Internal View of Devonport Garage

Temagog Five Bay Shed

We recently designed, supplied and erected this Cottage Green® COLORBOND® Steel Devonport Garage.  We also did the concreting for the shed on this happy client's property in Temagog, NSW. 

The building features:

  • Dimensions: 7.5 metres (span) x 17.5 metres (length) x 2.8 metres (wall height)
  • Three 2.2 metre x 2.4 metre roller doors (two on the front of the building and the third on the rear)
  • Clear drive through access on one of the garages
  • Two ZINCALUME® partition walls
  • Three open bays that are great for storing farm equipment, harvests and hay
  • Two enclosed bays with lock-ups
  • One roof vent to provide some air flow in the enclosed garage
  • One enclosed bay on concrete slab with the remaining all on pad footings

Check out the photos below to see how these specifications came together.  It is a really valuble building for this client's property.

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